Wednesday, December 26, 2012


RRWU88ER92WZ LEGUGAM Festival is a traditional festival activities to commemorate the anniversary of the People's Sultan of Ternate and has historically been a manifestation of regional cultures performed as a traditional mores Kie Raha Moluccas (Maluku) involving the kingdom / empire as indigenous social institutions.
Festival Event LEGU GAM into a celebration every year, especially at the anniversary of the Sultan of Ternate were carried out on a large scale at 5 (five) years and until now entering year 8 (eight) in the year 2010 at each event execution is always performed in April.
Implementation LEGU GAM but to celebrate the anniversary of the Sultan of Ternate, also intended to preserve and introduce the culture and customs of the young kegerasi in efforts to attract tourists. In organizing Legu Gam year has managed to suck the public interest as well as being interesting spectacle for the people of North Maluku and tourists.
Currently LEGU Festival GAM has accommodated in the Calendar Annual National Tourism economic sector and its development implications are very real for the development of the Tourism Sector, especially in an effort to increase revenue (PAD) of North Maluku. The theme Legu Gam 2010 is intended to bring people's strong economy. For this there needs to be guidance on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and micro businesses is in line with the Government's program through the provision of Business Credit (KUR).
In organizing the event this year Legu Gam 2010 held a number of activities such as exhibitions, seminars, and particularly with regard to the promotion of the people's economy include KUR program in North Maluku ogled by many national and private banks.
With that in mind, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism c / q Directorate General of Marketing will promote the potential and regional superior products and support one of the Festival LEGU GAM in Ternate, North Maluku to attract traffic to wisnus and Wisman.
Finally, cross-sectoral collaboration is synergistic for both central and local government and local communities to succeed in the event, so as to improve the movement of traffic, and Wisman wisnus in Ternate, North Maluku 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Asmat regency is one of 20 County District Expansion in Papua, Asmat is famous for its unique art and culture without carving designs on paper and has a world-renowned cultural distinctiveness for domestic and foreign tourists to visit Indonesia region. Support Asmat Cultural Festival is an arts and cultural activities featuring a variety of Papuan cultural attractions of several districts in Papua, where the festival will be a mainstay tourist attractions to attract tourists. Along with the growth of new district division (Asmat) is the effect of development in all sectors with an emphasis on sustainable development in all fields, especially the tourism priorities in order to realize the quality of local human resources are so far behind. The festival is held in support of the Government to increase tourist visits to Indonesia through the "Wonderfull Indonesia" and domestic tourism promotion program through the "Know your loved your country," and make the Asmat as a tourist destination popular special interest in the Pacific region.

Kabupaten Asmat merupakan salah satu Kabupaten Pemekaran dari 20 Kabupaten di Provinsi Papua, Asmat terkenal dengan keunikan seni dan budaya mengukir tanpa desain diatas kertas dan memiliki kekhasan budaya terkenal di dunia bagi wisatwan domestic maupun manca negara untuk berkunjung ke Indonesia kawasan Timur. Dukungan Festival Budaya Asmat merupakan kegiatan seni dan budaya Papua yang menampilkan beragam atraksi budaya dari beberapa Kabupaten di Papua, dimana festival ini akan menjadi atraksi pariwisata andalan untuk menarik minat kunjungan wisatawan. Seiring dengan pertumbuhan pemekaran Kabupaten baru (Asmat) merupakan pengaruh pembangunan pada semua sektor dengan penekanan pada pembangunan yang berkelanjutan disemua bidang khususnya pariwisata yang prioritas guna mewujudkan kualitas sumber daya manusia setempat yang sangat tertinggal. Festival ini diadakan dalam rangka mendukung Pemerintah untuk meningkatkan kunjungan wisatawan ke Indonesia melalui program “Wonderfull Indonesia” dan program promosi pariwisata dalam negeri melalui “Kenali Negerimu Cintai Negerimu” serta menjadikan Asmat sebagai salah satu daerah tujuan wisata minat khusus yang popular dikawasan pasifik.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

MY 2nd Pond 3mtr X 4mtr X 1,20mtr

MY  2nd Pond  3mtr X 4mtr X 1,20mtr with 5 Chamber

The Yellow Kigoi & Kohaku Doitsu

Hand Feed Kigoi & Kohaku

Kigoi - Goromo - Kohaku & Tanco Kohaku

Kigoi & Kohaku the provokator

Sanke Doitsu - Kohaku - Kigoi - Budo Goromo

my 1st Pond

3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber
3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber

3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber

3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber
3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber

my Budo Goromo in 3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chamber Pond

3mtr x 5mtr x 70cm with 4 chambe

My Collection of Koi Fish

originated from a fad to fill free time everyday


SANKE DOITSU and to strong a life

RED KOHAKU doitsu and the memories

 KOHAKU DOITSU the platinum

Egg tops from East Lombok - Gasing Telor Lombok Timur

Egg tops from East Lombok
Gasing Telor Lombok Timur

Spinner Egg From Village Rumbuk - East Lombok
Gasing Telor Dari Desa Rumbuk – Lombok Timur

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Apiong Ambon

 1. Types and FormsIn contrast to other regions, called Ambonese tops with "Apiong".
Type tops contained in Ambon can basically be divided into two top attractions and a top pitch. While the form of heart-shaped banana gasingnya, jars / jugs, rectangular, bintanggur fruit, round oval and others.

2. SizeIn general, the size of Ambon tops can be divided into two, namely the large size and small size. A. Sizes: